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You can buy Rick Simpson oil in Arizona, Oklahoma and various other states, countries and regions where cannabis is legal. You can also buy it online from the official website of Rick Simpson Oil. The company offers a variety of products including Rick Simpson oil, CBD oil, hemp oil, THC oil, tinctures, edibles, vape pens and more.

The best place to buy Rick Simpson oil online is here on our official website of Rick Simpsons oil. There you will find all kinds of information about the product as well as its benefits. Also, the site provides reviews by customers who have used the product before.

Rick Simpson oil is 100% legal in California. However, because the state has legalized marijuana, the federal government still considers it an illegal substance. Therefore, you should be careful when ordering Rick Simpson oil online.

While using the RSO oil, you may realize it is dense and sticky, it’s up to you to mix the rick Simpson oil you buy with a small amount of coconut oil for ease of application. Many Patients who have used the Rick Simpsons oil have testified that it may also lower blood pressure, which is an established, typically acute effect of THC,.

Rick Simpsons oil for sale here at pure rick Simpson online store also reduces the need for exogenous insulin in people with diabetes, and it also protects these people with diabetes from downstream problems like neurological damage. RSO oil also reduces pain from cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and other sources of inflammation.

The RSO oil however offers a full and complete dose of all these cannabinoid substances to guarantee a solid healing therapy, but most importantly it is the THC chemical in the oil that provides the “high.”RSO is also regarded as a concentrate used for many different medical benefits, including relieving cancer symptoms.

Where To Buy Rick Simpson Oil| RSO OIL

RSO is referred to as marijuana oil made with a very high amount of THC, and unlike many other cannabis oils, Rick Simpson oil for sale in Colorado was created by Canadian medical marijuana enthusiast Rick Simpson as a way to combat his skin cancer.

This oil came about as a result of the combination of many cannabis derivatives in varying quantities such as THC, CBD, CBN, Phenols as well as over 90 other cannabinoid derivatives.  This oil has a thick, syrupy consistency closer to grease than oil, and it can be applied as a topical or it can be ingested in food or drinks.

Furthermore, since it is proven that there is a high amount of THC in the oil, RSO isn’t free of side effects like its predecessor CBD. You should be very careful not to consume large doses of RSO oil because it can stimulate various adverse side effects such as anxiety and paranoia, including depression and irritability.

Hallucination is also a common effect of the consumption of RSO oil, and it can also cause low blood pressure, including trouble sleeping, memory issues, and bloodshot eyes. Moreover, you should be well aware that RSO oil and any other cannabis concentrates are a particularly high potency form of marijuana, and for this reason, only small doses are always recommended, especially for first-timers.

When you overconsume this RSO oil for a long time, it can cause some brief but unpleasant sensations, besides there are no long-term negative effects. But the other hand, the list of long and short-term benefits continues to grow from the continuous use of this oil.

Since RSO is considered to be a highly-concentrated extract, it shouldn’t be vaped or smoked since it is made with flammable extracts, rather, it should be consumed orally which effects are slower to kick in but last longer.

 You can take it sublingually by holding drops under the tongue for a minute or two, this is proven to have a fast absorption rate, or through topical application by rubbing onto the skin which seems to work for symptoms that occur on the surface of the skin, such as skin cancer. 

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Origin and Uses of Rick Simpson Oil

Origin Of Rick Simpson Oil

The RSO oil was created by a Canadian medical marijuana activist called Rick Simpson,and this his RSO oil is a cannabis-derived oil that has an especially high concentration of marijuana's psychoactive compound,known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Treating Back Pain

It is an alternative treatment for chronic back pains and cancer.But on another look,it is believed that due to the high THC found in this oil it can potentially stop the growth of back pain and also prevent the pain signals from reaching the brain.Besides,the cannabis found in RSO oil for back pain is responsible for killing off the notion of pain and avoiding them to spread anymore.

Treatss Many Conditions (Cancer)

Proven to be of high use in the treatments of a variety of other health issues including asthma,multiple sclerosis,anxiety, depression,inflammation and many other disturbing conditions. RSO is widely known for its results on cancer patients.

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RSO Oil For Sale in Illinois

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Another high-profile favorite store that is always available to provide its customers with RSO for sale in Illinois is Hemspharm. This is an online dispensary store that ships RSO oil for sale and other cannabis-related products from Illinois to other parts of the world while paying close attention to all its customer's needs.

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Patient Story

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Service Recipient Says

I suffered for 4 years before landing on this website by researching online about alternative treatment. Now its 2 years and I'm back to my life like 7 years ago. Thanks

Martin Martha NY Citizen , USA

Can't be more grateful. Im cancer free after 2 years of treatment on RSO. My parents say Hi!!! XOXO

Karla B. Cancer Free

The staff is amazing, the treatment works for real. Thank you guys, I browsed here from the recommendation of my closest friend and I never regret.

Kolis Muller Australia


    Now you must have known exactly where to get your RSO oil for sale, but most importantly it’s time to discuss the price. RSO is typically provided in gram units which solely depends on the storefront that you choose to buy it from.

    In many countries that have legalized the usage of medical cannabis, especially RSO oil, the price of one gram of RSO OIL for sale sure ranges between $35 to $70. In other words, if you are someone who is going through a recommended dose, then you will have to buy 60 grams of this RSO oil, and if you calculate well, one treatment might cost about $2,100–$4,200.

    Am sure you will be saying it sounds too expensive, but you can also try to find special deals and coupons to lessen the expense. With RSO oil costing around $35-$70 a gram, getting a self-treatment can possibly create a real financial challenge, but if you get an insurance company, they can cover the cost of your RSO oil which may make a complete regimen cost up to $4,000 out of pocket.

    Have in mind, that if you want to buy RSO, the price will be the same if you use online shops, given that most of them offer large discounts. But if you choose to buy your RSO oil from a company, then you might find up to six different offers.

    This means you can choose to purchase 1 gram,5 grams, or 30 grams of RSO oil, or you can choose to purchase the RSO suppositories, tinctures, or capsules.

    And these prices may range between $60 for 1 gram and $1,600 for a full dose of your treatment, and including the other costs, the price of RSO oil will be $200 for 5 grams, $400 for a 10 gram of RSO oil, while 15 grams of RSO oil will be $500, and chronologically.

    You will get a 20 grams RSO oil for $700, and lastly, 30 grams will cost $800. Notably, if you cannot find RSO of the desired quality, you can always make it yourself, following the various steps of the RSO recipe.

    Where To Buy Rick Simpson Oil